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19 June 2008
  • Three Ways to GROW a Business
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    There are many successful marketers preaching the values of growing a business.

    Here are some of them.

    Jay Abraham

    1. You increase the number of customers.
    2. You increase …

    11 June 2008
  • So Many Things… I Wanna Puke
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    I was looking for something and you know what they say - be careful what you wish for…

    I didn’t manage to find the stuff I …

    14 May 2008
  • Process Mapping is a God Send
  • Filed under: Muses, Wisdom — launchpad @ 11:34 pm

    Yes, we blog about everything under the sun.

    Yes, even process mapping.

    Man, did you know it came from really boring stuff? Like, engineering needed these to …

    6 March 2008
  • Sky High Auctions is Now Open!!
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    Did you know that over 800,000 earn their living from online auction sites such as eBay?

    There are many people earning a great living this way, …

    3 March 2008
  • Sky High Part 3 - My Take…
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    Thank you my friends for this long wait…

    I’ve taken a look at the Sky High Auctions… YES! Inside…

    First Impressions…
    Blown away. Literally.

    I wasn’t expecting this much …

    1 March 2008
  • Be Blown Sky High… “Tell Me More”
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    You must have read about Sky High somewhere… here’s a previous post.

    Found more stuff about Sky High… interviews with internet marketers include …

    29 February 2008
  • Sky High Auctions - What’s This?
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    There are currently over 1,000,000 people earning a full or part-time living on eBay. Yet there are very few, if any, comprehensive courses that show …

    12 February 2008
  • Clickbank Meets Her Match… Part 2
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    Oh Yea.

    I found out something else. Something you’ll LOVE too!

    Haha it’s the Click2Sell Fees… they are flat fees and they are …

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  • Clickbank Meets Her Match…
  • Filed under: IM World, Life - Ain't It Funny?, Muses, Updates — launchpad @ 1:42 pm

    Oooooohhhh new stuff new stuff!!

    A competitor to Clickbank and Paydotcom has emerged… and calls themselves Click2Sell.

    A must-sign-up if you use [tag]Clickbank …

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    5 February 2008
  • Bleaching… Anime, and Other Things Japanese
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    Never watched an episode of Anime, until my cousin recommended me to it.

    I started off watching [tag]Full …

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