9 February 2007

Is It Ever Fair?

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Is it ever fair?

The world, that is.

I hear this question asked so many times, in one day, by different people at different times.

That spurred me to write this post.

I’ll like to see that the world IS a fair place, holistically. As an overview.

But when you go down to the microview of things, the days of our lives, nope - the “world” is not fair. Hell, even when you go right down, dig deep enough into atoms and molecules using the microscope or nanoscope, you will find that the laws that govern nature seem broken, twisted or impaired.

Let me give an example: Schrodinger’s Cat.

It says that a cat that is put into a box, stays in the box to the human eye. That means, when you open the box, put the cat in, close the box. 5 days later, you open the box, the cat is still there. 5 months later, 5 years later, 5 decades later - the cat is still there. (Assuming the cat is still alive, that is.)

Now, Schrodinger says, that if you open the box at after a certain time period, the cat is no longer there. It has moved out of the box. One simple explanation - it moved out of the box through vibration of the molecules.

Now there, you say - how can a cat move out of the box, without you even opening it?

Here’s when Schrodinger comes in to tell you - my friend, it will take a VERY long time for the cat to move out of the box. More than 10,000 human lifetimes. Which is why, you don’t find cats outside of boxes alot. But, the smaller the object, the shorter the time needed. Which is why, when things are smaller, “the rules” are broken.

That brought about the subject of Quantum Physics. It’s a beautiful subject. Beautiful.

Here’s the truth, but it may set to confuse you.

According to Schrodinger’s cat example, “the rules” are not broken, merely, we see only a certain part of the rule in action.

So the next time someone tells you, “that’s impossible!” think again.

And… is the world ever fair? Well it depends on which world you’re looking at. Yours, mine, his… or ours?

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