10 June 2006


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What is this all about?

The NoBSLaunchPad was started with internet buyers and marketers in mind. On the internet, there are too many false claims and unnecessary scams. Over at this launch pad, these scams and claims are torn apart, ripped in pieces and put to sleep, so the world will know where not to go. On the other hand, the worthy ones are scrutinized, criticized and reviewed, so that you can make better-informed decisions.

No BS Launch Pad is an online resource where you can find no B.S., no fluff, and brutal honesty (the degree of politeness depends on how bad the product/service/program is). Occasionally there will be featured posts, which are likely to be more important reads.

If you are a marketer, and you have a product worthy of mention here that is launching soon, please contact me.

Contact Me

Please contact Charlyn via email:
writeme (at) nobslaunchpad.com.

Quick Guide

No B.S. Launch Pad features a blog, which is the center of all the updates to the website. Be sure to bookmark it (Ctrl-D) so that you can return at any time.

Each blog post has some features at the bottom.

  • Mail Icon - forward posts of interest to your friends! (up to 5 friends each time, while stocks last)
  • Trackback - used for trackbacks and pinging.
  • Others are self-explanatory. :)

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