12 November 2008

Roaring Back to Life… Part 2

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“Media has always been the mainstay of our lives, we move at the speed of it. The day it sped up, the day we started growing exponentially.” - Roaring Back to Life


The Internet Media.

There is no doubt. The internet was the first biggest, most massive project that ever launched without prior market research. Now who will do that? WOW. And it boomed. BIG time.

When our earth became smaller from improved speed in communications, email at half the speed of light (that’s still… very fast, by the way), made telecommunications cheaper (there’s still some lag in data transfer), video conferencing (wow, it’s like you’re there in person), instant messaging (very, very popular!)… Suddenly, it ain’t so cool to be reading newspapers or watching the 9 o’clock news anymore…

Zillions of data packets ricocheting here and there, everywhere… where art thou?

Nepalese finally got themselves the internet.

More than 10,000 business ideas are implemented every day.

Gmail offers more than 7GB of email storage.

No BS Launch Pad awoke after a long rest.

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If the internet made a sound… I’d say, this blog is whirring back to life… a unique happening in my corner of the world.

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