31 October 2006

Is Rich Jerk *That* Good?

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I know I know… the Rich Jerk is everywhere. And still anonymous. There was also a recent skirmish between Brandy and Rich Jerk, Brandy’s loyal customer and friend, Sydney and Rich Jerk (about that 70 year old grandmother or something). So much so that it hyped up the whole StomperNet thingy.

Right, so who is Rich Jerk? In case you haven’t heard, he’s this Jerk, that’s apparently super loaded, because he has made a whopping success with his online business. You can read his story at RichJerk.com.

But, is he that good? Afterall, he’s anonymous (still is, after all this time), and nope, you can try but you can’t find him. It seems that some internet marketers know his real identity and they say he’s rich, yes, but not a bad person (”jerk”).

If you’ve been following the scene closely, you’d know of Rich Jerk offering a bonus so ludicrous you haven’t heard of it online: You get to fly to wherever he is and shack up with beautiful playboy girls in a beautiful mansion and enjoy a few days of fleeting luxurious life. I can only assume StomperNet allows you that kind of time to spend. Rich Jerk paints an elusive dream. No idea who took his package (hey, if you did tell us how it went!).

So, is he that good? At making money.. online, that is. Geez, only heaven knows. At least for now.

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