4 September 2006

Butterfly Marketing IV (the Spoiler ends…)

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Yes, this is the final installment of the Butterfly Effect - it comes with two endings, and both are covered here.

Read on…

In our last episode, Evan killed Tommy (Kayleigh’s brother)… naturally, Kayleigh couldn’t forgive Evan and his crime caught up with him when the police were alerted - he was put behind bars.

Again, he turned to his diaries… there were many twists and turns that were caused by the little changes he did when he went back in time to change the way some events turned out. The butterfly effect is so real, it makes you look back on the things that made you who you are today.

In the end, Evan finally came to a decision that - no matter what he does, someone will suffer: whether it was one of his friends or his mother or himself (I did not spoil it here, but one time, after a flashback, Evan woke up with a bleeding nose and missing two arms!)… which led him to…

Ending #1

…he thought it would be best that he *never* got to know Kayleigh or her brother - that way, no one would get hurt… so he chose to go back to when he first met Kayleigh, at a birthday party. When they were introduced, Evan whispered into her ear, “I hate you and if you ever talk to me, I will kill you and your family.” Kayleigh ran away and didn’t look back.

Fast forward to present day, Evan went back to the diner to look for Kayleigh, to find that she had moved away from the neighbourhood when her parents split up. Both she and her brother turned out fine, but evidently they were outside of each other’s childhood.

Ending #2

…he thought it would be best to never have been born, since whatever he did was plagued with something drastically terrible, and nothing could ever be right… so he chose to go back to the time when he was in his mother’s womb, and strangle himself with his umbilical cord.

In the show, it was reported (made clear) that Evan’s mother never had children because they all died in the womb due to umbilical cord strangulation. They also visited a psychic who could not find Evan’s lifeline - and tells him that he was not meant to be born.

Some thoughts

The first ending is the one you would catch in the movies and ‘normal’ DVDs. The second ending is the Director’s cut. I think they probably felt that the Director’s cut ending was too extreme and decided on Ending #1 instead.

I feel that the second ending was very dramatic and poignant - you could really feel for Evan when he did that, and the thought of the same thing happening over and over to his other unborn siblings makes you wonder if the world is truly fair… Evan’s mother would be lamenting that she doesn’t have children not because she can’t have - she’s the same as other women, so why can’t she have them? My guess is - God has bigger plans for us. (not trying to get religious here… you can think of God as an economic system. It is balanced and strives to make the best out of every circumstance) Many times we need to take a step back and consider before jumping to conclusions.

Imagine if everyone had the chance to go back to change something in their lives, leading to a massive difference in your life 10 years later… and if you are unhappy with it, you would run back to change it again over and over. Somewhere in our life, there are things that we wished we didn’t do, but our motivation shouldn’t be to turn back time, but to make sure the same terrible events don’t happen again. Otherwise, we would all eventually come to Evan’s decision some how - wishing you were never born.

I hope this has allowed you to take something home with you today… or if you’re home, to take it to bed - spread love, spread encouragement, spread optimism - because tomorrow will be a better day. Doubts.

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