25 August 2006

Butterfly Marketing III (the Spoiler continues…)

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The spoiler continues… Again, let me repeat the disclaimer:

Warning: This is a movie spoiler, and a tribute to what I feel is a great movie - because it makes you think about your life. Do NOT click on to read more if you do not want to know anything about The Butterfly Effect movie.

Whether you click on to read more or not, in itself is a butterfly effect… and it might just change your life…

We left off at Evan’s mother taking him and moving out of the old neighbourhood…

Fast forward 13 years, Evan is studying psychology in University. He’s one of the top students. One day when he went out partying and came back to his dorm room with a girl, she found Evan’s stash of diaries and made him read an entry.

That’s when something weird happened - he suddenly found himself back in the past, in that old neighborhood, in one of the times he blacked out… When he returned to the present, he realized that he recalled what happened during that blackout, and he had an unusual feeling - that he had control over his thoughts and actions during the flashback, as if it was a dream. But he found his nose bleeding from the experience.

Those memories that came back reminded him how long it had been since he last saw Kayleigh, so he paid her a visit. She was working as a waitress at a small diner, where old men looked at her perversely. In their meeting after she left work, Evan asked her about one of his blackout incidents in the past - when Evan went over to Kayleigh’s and Tommy’s place to play, and their father just bought a new camcorder and wanted to try it out on the kids.

(It turned out that Kay and Tommy’s dad was a paedophile, and that day, he made Evan and Kayleigh do dreadful things, while Tommy watched on, that hurt them all except Evan, who blacked out.)

When asked, Kayleigh turned hostile and ran off. Puzzled, Evan drove the long way back to his dorm to receive a message on his answering machine. Tommy left the message saying that Kayleigh killed herself after crying and saying that she met him. Evan was devastated. He decided to find out about the past on his own. So he took out his stash of diaries and began reading that memory of it.

Ported back to where Kayleigh’s father was getting the camcorder ready, and Evan was only a young boy, he began saying very harsh things to her father and warned him never to touch or treat Kayleigh the wrong way again.

When he came back to present time, he found himself sleeping next to Kayleigh! As before, his nose was bleeding. It took him some time to realise that by telling Kayleigh’s father one thing, it changed his life (he’s now with Kayleigh) and her life (she’s not a traumatized girl anymore). But he also learnt other things about himself… his social life in school is no longer as before (he used to be pretty nerdy and geeky, but now he skips lectures, and cheats in tests). And other things also changed… Tommy smashed his car out of jealousy and possessiveness over his sister, because he felt no one in the world could ever care for or understand him better than her and wanted her all for himself.

(It turned out that Kayleigh’s father did not treat Kayleigh badly, but used Tommy as his sex object instead)

In a heat of argument and violence, Evan killed Tommy…

I will return next week… for the last installment of the movie.

Do you believe in the butterfly effect yet?

The Movie…

The Manuscript…

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