24 August 2006

Butterfly Marketing Part II

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Warning: This is a movie spoiler, and a tribute to what I feel is a great movie - because it makes you think about your life. Do NOT click on to read more if you do not want to know anything about The Butterfly Effect movie.

Whether you click on to read more or not, in itself is a butterfly effect… it might change your life…

Evan (played by Ashton Kutcher) is a young boy with a problem - he always blacks out at the most unusual of times. It appears that he “went through the motion”, but doesn’t recall what happened during the period. E.g. he bought ice-cream with the money he has in his pocket, but all he could recall was 5 minutes ago, he had money and 5 minutes later, he has an ice-cream in his hand but no more money.

Because of this phenomenon, Evan’s mom got very worried that her son might be like her husband (who is certified insane), and tried to give Evan the necessary medical treatment he needs to avoid becoming insane. The doctor could not find what was wrong with him, so he suggested that Evan kept a diary so that it could help him to recall his bouts of blackouts better.

In his neighborhood, Evan hangs out and plays with Kayleigh, Lenny and Tommy for most of his childhood. Kayleigh is Tommy’s elder sister, and Lenny is a docile young boy who often gives in to Tommy’s authoritative nature. Because Evan and Kayleigh are of nearly the same age, they make a natural pair, especially the amount of time they all spend together as a group.

Tommy is one helluva naughty boy with a huge ego, is demanding and loves bullying people. He is, unfortunately, also very possessive of his sister (Kayleigh). So each time Evan “makes his move”, Tommy will turn violent toward Evan or vent his frustration openly on other people or inanimate objects around him.

During their childhood times, Evan experienced many blackouts, but he also documented most of his life down in the diary he kept as part of his “therapy”. It was until the four of them caused the death of a mother and a baby that Evan’s mom decided that they should move away from that neighborhood.

Surprisingly, after Evan left his friends, left Kayleigh and his childhood home - he never experienced a blackout again…

To Be Continued on Friday.

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