15 August 2006

What the @#$%^&@ is Butterfly Marketing??

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Unless you have been living the the offline world for most parts, you would have heard of Butterfly Marketing. This is a form of marketing that has been recently very popular in the online scene… and the name behind it - Mike Filsaime.

I heard of Mike quite a long time back, back when he did a call with Carlos Garcias for Outsource Secrets. I noticed that his online marketing techniques were slightly different from the “usual” type. I didn’t think I was the only person who felt that way… because when butterfly marketing was launched, it took the online community by storm, selling out all 1500 copies in 25 days, for $997 each. Yes babes and hunks, that’s a whopping $1.5 million or $1,495,500 to be exact.

To keep you in the loop, I’m going to tell you what butterfly marketing is about. The concept is related to the movie The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher (Demi Moore’s now-husband). It is believed that small things you make now can affect the future’s bigger picture, like the flapping of the butterfly’s wings, so thin, so fragile - in Earth’s atmosphere, may cause changes in the weather. It might be rain brought to a drought area next month or a tsunami to a calm sea coast next year.

Sounds ludicrous huh? Some people may not know about this, but the “butterfly effect” is actually a scientific theory, also known as the Chaos theory. So no, it’s not bull. If you haven’t watched The Butterfly Effect (the movie starring Ashton Kutcher), I highly recommend it. It is not just to appreciate the theory itself, but the show has a fantastic storyline - I felt was very compelling and well-directed.

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