4 July 2006

TMDOOM Part 2 - People Need To Know You Exist

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Yup, having a website is just the beginning. You need to get the word out there that your website is up-and-working, and you have started to welcome visitors, i.e. drive traffic to your website.

A few ways of getting the word out:

  1. Search Engines
  2. Email
  3. Advertisements
  4. Online Forums
  5. Blogs

Let’s start from the top.

Search Engines

This is another term for “organic” growth. Basically, search engines have spiders or crawlers. Their names are used to describe the activity involved. These “spiders” or “crawlers” are actually bots, which are automated virtual “beings” that go around the WWW (”crawl around”) to index your website.

This means that if the search engine bots find your website, then your site will be indexed - shortly after.

Indexing is a 3-step process. First, the spider needs to crawl to your site - this can happen if another website of yours bears a link to your website. Next, your site will be added to a database. Finally, it is indexed.


As you can tell, getting listed on the search engines isn’t an easy task. You need to have links to your website from other already-listed websites. So the easiest way to get the word out quickly and effectively, but only serves as a short-term solution, is to email your friends. Don’t spam people though. No one appreciates that. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be a victim of spam either.


Yes, this isn’t going to be cheap, but it most certainly is effective, especially if you advertise with Google Adwords. Why? Because Google Adwords delivers your ads in places where people are looking for similar content. It is definitely an affordable option, and a good place to start advertising with. Check out the supplementary guide on Google Adwords to help improve your ad campaigns.

Online Forums

Forums online have gathered communities of similar interests. So if you have something newsworthy to mention, then go ahead and hit the forums. They are a great place to “get the word out there”. But be aware that not all forums allow you advertise links for your website. So read the Terms and Conditions if you haven’t yet, and post wisely.


Similar to online forums, blogs with a clear identity have grouped people of similar interests together as well. Make reasonable comments (be sincere, please) and you may attract other visitors to click on your name to visit your website.

Most blogs are like mine. Basically, they ask you for 4 things: Name, Email (required, but not published), URL (put your website address in here) and your comments (be sincere, please). It’s self-explanatory - you get the picture.

No B.S. Clarifies

Although using any of the three methods are guaranteed to give you results, don’t expect to see them in a jiffy - miracles don’t happen overnight. Of course, a combination of all three will give better results than just using one.

The first and third methods are definitely encouraged, but use your discretion on the others.

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