3 July 2006

TMDOOM Part 1 - You Just Got To Have A Website

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I just realised that this new series will have the title TMDOOM. LOL.

Back to the article: You just got to have a website. Oh yea. Your website is your means of communication with the world. With it, you can tell people all about “it”, whatever “it” is you want to say.

Some may argue that you can still sell without a website. I am sure that’s true, just like you can get from the north pole to the south pole by swimming and walking alone - not impossible, just very trying. Okay, north to south pole is really a tad too far to be swimming or walking, but you get the point.

Why A Website Is Good For The Seller

Are you kidding? Of course, having a website means that you have a storefront. Would you rather buy from a door-to-door salesman or from a salesman in a brick-and-mortar store? The latter just has more credibility - because you own a store, you are not going to abscond with my money or guarantee. It’s that simple.

Using my internal energy, I can feel that you have thoughts of creating a website this very moment. But let me warn you: Do not, DO NOT start something you have no intention of continuing. You would be an absolute scam - to create fly-by-night products, and you give online marketing a bad name. No B.S. Launch Pad will tear you apart…


Websites are great for buyers, because they provide the information you need, answers your questions (FAQs) while keeping away the annoying sales people.

But hey, you say… internet “storefronts” AKA websites can be taken down as easily as they were put up. Just select the files and press delete. Unfortunately, YES. But usually that doesn’t happen. Just not worth it for the seller. Chances are, they will maintain the website for a year or two and try to get more people to join the scam.

How do buyers know whether to buy or not to buy? Caveat emptor, buyers. Caveat emptor.

Caveat emptor: The principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying.

It doesn’t mean that a website has been surviving for 5 years is not a scam, and it doesn’t mean that a website is spanking new 5 days old is a scam. There are no sure-fire rules that guarantees a online scams or non-scams. No way. The world is as sleazy as it is online as it is offline. So, you need to do your research to make sure you make informed decisions. Couldn’t stress it more.

What are considered scams?

Basically, anything that promises you something, but failed to deliver for unreasonable reasons (read: excuses), is a scam.

For instance, I once ordered a “free” CD, where all you needed to pay was the shipping and handling, but it never reached me (I waited 2 weeks for it). So, I sent an email (by replying the email invoice) that I have not received my CD, kindly refund the S&H I paid. Three (3) emails sent over a period of one week, and much frustration later, I have not received a single reply from them. Now, that’s not yet a scam.

I figured, they might have mixed up, and I probably should send my reply to another email address. Thankfully, I got a prompt reply. It explained that there was an overwhelming number of orders, and they had to make more purchases to fulfill the orders. They said that my order was shipped last week. Okay, I trusted them. A few days later, it was still nowhere in sight. Now, that’s a scam.

They used an excuse to cheat me into believing something was true. I trusted them. I might have been the only unfortunate buyer, but if they can lie one time, who knows if their product is a big lie.


One great website builder is Macromedia Dreamweaver. Need I say more? Get your hands on it.

Host your website with Hostgator or Dreamhost. So far, they are the two with fairly good feedback.

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