26 June 2006

Who Are They Trying To Cheat?

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Do you have a blog? A WordPress blog maybe? Well, mine is a WordPress blog, and everything you see here is done, designed and resourced by me. Leave me comment and let me know what you think.

Now, you got to see (just look only, do not buy) this:
WordPress Elite by Gary Huynh

They promise many things it seems, but I really want to attack:


There are more websites that refer to this product, of course. But what they offer are very, very basic things like themes.

Note that you can get all of the same themes here for FREE. You see, there was a WordPress Theme competition, and the web’s best designs were submitted.

If you think themes are just plug-and-play, you obviously do not think much of blogging. The process of blogging is more than just the words. It also involves giving your blog design a style of its own - your style. Similar to the original, but not quite the same. Each has its flair and creative space. To have this, you will need to modify themes, and to do that, you have to say no to plug-and-play.


WordPress is well-known for its extensibility (just like Firefox), and extensibility means having plugins.

I don’t know if they arranged to pay the original authors of the plugins at all, but these plugins - they are provided FREE at the websites of the original authors out of goodwill! It’s simple. Wordpress is a free blog software, and it’s a good one. People who understand the code write the plugins, so that it can become a better software. You get to choose which ones you want, because there is no one-size-fits-all in anything good on this planet.

It Saves Time?!

The software or whatever it is called, promises to save 13 hours. Geez. If it is all just plug-and-play, it would take about 5 minutes to install the WordPress Blog.

Let’s take away the time needed to pick your favorite theme to apply (because you need to choose from the same set of themes). Another 5 minutes to install your favorite theme.

As mentioned before, not all plugins you may want to have or like to have, so pick only the ones you need. Each plugin probably takes 5 minutes to download and install.

All these are overestimates. Do you really need to pay $147 to save time? (tsk tsk. Where did 13 hours come from?) If so, this post has already given you the sweet $47 of the deal to get your themes (see Themes above).

Majority of the time is spent customizing your blog, to leave your mark of style. Afterall, it is YOUR blog.

I leave you to imagine the rest.

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