22 June 2006

PLR - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

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PLR = Private Label Rights

They are a category describing articles that have been written and subject to a “private label”. Uhh… lost? Let’s look at an example - a common household item called refrigerators.

When you drop by supermarkets or electronic stores, you will find a whole section on refrigerators. Notice that all refrigerators look similar, have similar functions (a freezer section, a cooler section, a section that pours out ice on demand..), have similar colors, wattage and power consumption, cooling system, materials… to name a few (erm, many?).

Putting On The Private Label

They are all branded differently. So what’s the catch? Basically, they come from the same factory, making standard parts and then assembling them into refrigerators with standard layouts. Companies (read: brand names) then purchase them in bulk (obviously, that’s where they get the discounts) and slap their brand names on the items (i.e. customization, from a ‘general’ household item into a ‘private label’).

On the internet, PLR often refer to texts or articles that have been pre-written on particular topics like fishing, gardening, plumbing - or anything else you can think of. They “manufacture” the articles, and on the receiving end, you “package” them into your private label.

Now that you understand what PLR articles are, let’s go into to-buy-or-not-to-buy.

To Buy Or Not To Buy - The Lowdown

The most important question is, are you the first generation of buyers of the PLR articles? The internet is rampant with ‘money-making opportunities’, where more than half are scams, empty or disguised as opportunities. It’s not hard to imagine, if the original author sells exclusively to only 10 people,

1 (sell to)
11111 11111

Then 50% of the first generation buyers turn around and resell the PLR to 10 more people (assuming that the other 50% honestly want to make a business from the articles with private labels),

1 (sell to)
11111 11111 (resell to)
11111 11111 :: 11111 11111 :: 11111 11111 :: 11111 11111 :: 11111 11111

The second generation of buyers will suffer, because 50 copies are concurrently in circulation, and the first 5 buyers in the first generation will suffer as well.

Note that 10 is a very small number. PLR usually sell in the order of 250 to 1500 copies. That would have resulted in 31,375 to 1,125,750 copies in circulation by the time it gets to the second generation - that is, if that many people are led into believing the PLR articles can sell (after so many people bought them, everyone has the information, so why buy/spend again?)

Some even promise 100 copies on their website but sell 1000 copies of them.

PLR articles are good only if there is exclusivity to a certain number of people. Or you can give it out for free with the promise that you can resell it. Hmmm… that sounds very familiar…

The No B.S. Take

I believe that there are sincere PLR sellers (the original authors), but once these articles get out onto the WWW and land into the hands of internet marketers, where will it head?

I hope this article has helped you understand better.

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